Additional Revenue
For Your Business

We take care of everything — from
equipment installation & maintenance
to operational reports &
timely revenue distribution.

Optimal Design

We offer the most advanced tire inflation and vacuum technology available, complete with flexible and secure payment options, auto-calibration technology, real time reporting and 24/7 diagnostics.

Why choose glitz air

Revenue Share Program

This Complete Air/Vac service solution is the easiest way to add air-vac service with no additional service, parts or capital expenses. We install and maintain modern and reliable equipment to generate extra income for you. 

Rental Program

You continue to manage the revenue aspects of your operation while getting modern and reliable machines and experts that free up your maintenance needs. Rent machines at a fixed rate. 

Service Contract

Own your machine and manage revenues but get expert service & parts contract that keeps the machine working and generate income for your store. Low monthly rates access and fast service. 

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